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Cate 2024
Financial Advisors in Portland, OR



Cate Simons holds a graduate degree from Yukon College. As a financial associate, her goal is to empower our clients to make informed decisions and take effective action toward their goals. 

Her favorite thing about her job is working with families to help them achieve long-term goals. Seeing retirement plans come together is another part of the process that she looks forward to every day. 

Cate focuses on financial planning, wealth management, and protection strategies. She also has extensive experience in helping clients navigate the retirement process and the PERS retirement system, which is complex and always changing. 

In her off-time, Cate enjoys planning and executing home projects, as well as traveling. She is an avid gardener, an amateur landscaper, and a reformed runner (participated in the Portland Marathon of 2007) turned walker. 

Cate comes from a large, loving family split between the U.S. and Canada who spends as much time together as possible. She has an accomplished adult daughter and an amazing rescue dog as her sidekick.

Cate 2024
Financial Advisors in Portland, OR

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