Meet Ashton Mills

Financial Advisors in Portland, OR
Financial Advisors in Portland, OR

New Business Coordinator


Ashton Mills holds a Bachelor of Science in Finance from Oregon State University. Whatever a client’s goals are, he uses his education and experience to create a smooth, clear plan on how to get there.

His favorite thing about his job is helping clients more fully understand the complexities of retirement accounts and building their roadmap toward a happy, successful retirement. He focuses on public educators and Archdiocese employees. 

In his free time, Ashton enjoys watching Red Sox games, college baseball, and movies, as well as volunteering with the Boy Scouts of America and golfing. He is the eldest of three siblings, all of whom were born and raised in Santa Clara, CA. 

His brother studies architecture at the University of Virginia, and his sister is applying to colleges with the hopes of studying geology. Ashton’s family has vacationed along the McKenzie River for over 20 years, which is where he first began to fall in love with the state of Oregon before attending OSU. 

In recognition of his time serving the Order of the Arrow National Communications Committee, Ashton was awarded the Distinguished Service Award from the Order of the Arrow in August of 2022. During his tenure, Ashton oversaw OA brand and identity evolution and application on a national scale for both national events and day to day communications.

Financial Advisors in Portland, OR
Financial Advisors in Portland, OR

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